Interesting and Important Facts about Jammu and Kashmir

Interesting and Important Facts about Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir in India is the beauty of nature, which is called Haven on Earth. People are visiting to see Kashmir beauty, lakes. The total part of Kashmir is not controlled by India, some part is controlled by Pakistan. The Indian portion of Kashmir is called Jammu and Kashmir and it's capital in summer Srinagar and winter Jammu. The Pakistani portion is called Azad Kashmir and its capital is Muzaffarabad. The Great Himalaya is passing through it.  The colour of Kashmir nature was changed in every season of a year, that's the nature of Kashmir. In winter heavy snowfall held in Kashmir valley.

Location and Area:

 In the top of India Map there Jammu and Kasmir are Located. Location of Jammu and Kashmir Are It is northeastern of India. The area of state J&K Under India  222,236
km² Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh are the part of state J&K.
The area of  Kashmir 15%Jammu 26%Ladakh 59 % in J&K.

Jammu & Kashmir History: 

It was born in 1846 state of British East India company. The first king was Gulab Singh from Jamwal Rajput Dogra. On 1947 26th October Hari Singha the last king agrees to Jammu and Kashmir to part of India.

In world history article 370 of the Indian Constitution gives the state almost complete Indipendate. It’s the only Indian state to have its own flag. Due to Article 370, it was distributed in three parts J&K under India, Azad Kashmir under Pakistan and Aksai Chin under china. Now it is removed on On 5 August 2019 and now it is a one of state of India like other states.

Jammu & Kashmir culture:

The culture of Jammu and Kashmir has a very big difference between other states. The culture food, dress, languages are unique and give an iconic impression to Kasmir. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam have contributed to their culture of Kashmir. The people of the Kasmir are mainly spoken in Koshur language. The traditional art of Kashmir is handicrafts.handicrafts of Kashmir is world-famous for its art and design. Dress of Kashmiri women is famous in all over India which called The Pheran made of cotton, wool, and silk designed. Sheer Chai is the traditional drink which served in Kashmiri tea-pot Kehwa. There are servel traditional food famous are kahva and  Wazwan which are mainly meat-based dishes. The Dumhal and Roaff are the famous dance in the Kashmir, Dumhal is performed by men and Roaff is a folk dance performed by women. The main attraction of tourists in Kashmir is traditional small wooden boats and houseboats of various lakes.


There are many festivals are celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir.
some of famous are  

Hemis Festival: This day is declared as the state holiday.

Urs: It is celebrated on the last day of Ramzan.

Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr: These two festivals are celebrated which are important to Muslims of Kashmir.

It is an important festival of the Sikhs. It is celebrated on April 13th every year.

Lohri: It is the harvest fest of Kashmir which celebrates on 13 January every year.

Tulip Festival: It celebrates during the spring season.
Gurez Festival: It is celebrated at the time of July or August in the valley of Gurez.

Shikara Festival: For promoting tourism of Dal Lake government starts this festival in 2016. It is celebrated every year.

Heritage of Kashmir:

The Kasmir has many Heritage places, Which give an attraction to tourists.

Amar Mahal Palace: was made by raja Amar Singh, now it is converted into a museum in Jammu.

Akhnoor Fort: is near to Chenab river was built in 1762-1802.which was started by Mian Tej Singh and finished the structure of the fort by  Raja Alum Singh.

Bahu Fort: The age of the fort is 3000 years. The
 Bahu Fort is a historical fort of Jammu. Constructed near Tawi River made by Raja Bahulochan.

Most Popular Tourist Spots of Kashmir

It is the biggest tourist spot in India. Tourism gets the main role on Income of this state. More than 10 million people visit Jammu and Kashmir. Places to visit in Kashmir are made by god very carefully, gives us a great look of nature. Jammu is famous for temples and Kashmir is Famous for its lakes and gardens. A beautiful view of nature you will see when you travel on the toy train of Kashmir. 

Srinagar is the most visit city of Kashmir. It is also known as Mirror to the mountains. It is one of the beautiful places around India. There are several entertaining places like boating on lakes, trekking on the mountain, water skiing, bird park. The main attraction of  Srinagar is Dal Lake. It's contributed the best image to the Kasmir culture.

Gulmarg is a place where mainly snowfall. It is known as Meadow of flowers. Here you can do Mountain Trekking, skiing, biking 
and Gondola rides to see the valley.

Leh is the another best and beautiful place of Kashmir. If you want to see it's beauty then you want to visit it in summer. there are Alpine lakes and Lofty mountains are one of the best views. It is most popular for bike riding.

Jammu City is famous for Mata Vishno Devi Temple.most of people came to visit also the peer baba temple, Mahamaya Temple Bahu fort and Amar Mahal Palace which are most popular.

Other Tourist spots of Kasmir

Kargil, Sonamarg,Jama Masjid, Kupwara,Kathua, Nishat Garden, Pulwama, Pahalgam, Hemis,Kishtwar, Doda, Poonch, Anantnag, Shalimar Garden, Chashmashahi, Yousmarg.

List of Lakes:

 In Jammu and Kasmir there are 27 lakes. various type of lakes are here some show beautiful of nature and some show the culture of Kashmir.

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is the top in the list of beautiful lakes in Jammu and Kasmir. The houseboats, floating houses, channels make it more beautiful. It is the main attraction of Srinagar.

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri is one of the highest lakes in the world, the height of lake 
 4.522m above sea level. The temperature of water always at the negative of this lake.

Wular Lake

Wular lake is Asia's largest freshwater lake. It is near to Srinagar. The total area of the lake is 130sq km. many people are depending on it for livelihood.

Mansar Lake 

Mansar lake is perfect for those people who love to spent time with nature. This lake shows more beautiful in summer season when it is full of lotus. this location is good for photography.

Gangabal Lake

Gangabal beautiful lake situated at 3570m above sea level with a beautiful background of mountains. It is also called Haramukh Ganga. People who love fishing Must visit for a nice experience.

Some other lakes , Gadsar Lake, Anchar Lake, Krishansar LakeManasbal Lake, Nigeen Lake, Pangong Tso, Kausar Nag, Tso Kar, Marsar Lake, Tulian lake, Brari Nambal, Gil Sar, Nandan Sar Lake, Tarsar Lake, Gadsar Lake , Khushal Sar, Nundkol Lake, Satsar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Sheshnag Lake.

Interesting facts about Kashmir 

The floating post office of India is located in Dal lake of Kashmir.

The main attraction of Dal lake is the floating market. Many of Bollywood movies were shot in there.

Kasmir is called Switzerland of India.

K2 world 2nd and India's 1st apex is in Kashmir.

chasme shahi garden the beautiful place which was made by Shah Jahan in 1632.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra a great film director was born in Kashmir.

5000-year-old ice made Siva Lingam in Amarnath cave of Jammu and Kashmir.

This state of India shares an international border with three countries on West Pakistan Northwest  Afghanistan and Northeast with China. 

India's longest and Asia's fourth longest railway tunnel the Pir Pinjal tunnel is in Kashmir, which length is 11215 km.

There are only shows four seasons due to low rain fail. these seasons are winter, summer, spring, or autumn.

Why Kashmir called Haven on Earth?

Its called because of the natural beauty and enjoyable weather on earth you will get here. The great Himalaya is passing through it, some beautiful lakes, Good culture of society is in Kashmir. This place is full up with iconic temple, mosque of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Kasmir has given us a good Image of nature.


The main occupation of the Kashmiri people is agriculture but Tourism also effects on the occupation. They are mainly agriculture Rice, wheat, tobacco, cotton, cauliflower, saffron, potato, carrot, radish, onions e.t.c. The weather of Kashmir mainly cold, so it's good for farming of fruits like apple, cherries, plums, pears, mulberry, walnuts, peaches. 


Overall literacy rate in Kashmir is higher than the other states of India. But female literacy is lower than male. In Jammu Kasmir, there are two famous universities are established. The one University of Kashmir and the another University of Jammu both established in 1969.

Conclusion :

This article all about discusses the marvellous Jammu and Kashmir. It's about history, culture, amazing, social facts, occupation, Lakes and places to visit in Kashmir. 

Top 10 Famous Monuments Around The World

Top 10 Famous Monuments Around The World

The world has many monuments which are some manmade and some of natural. Here we discuss 10 famous monuments around the world, some are beautiful, some shows the unique structure. The places are also a big tourist spot and a Mosque. Read this and know the unknown facts about this monuments.

1. Great Mosque of Mecca, Al-Masjid al-Ḥarm

It is one of the most popular mosques in the world. It locates at Mecca, Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. It is the holiest place in Islam. It is the most sacred spot on earth is a black-draped, square shrine called the Kaaba, which stands in the central courtyard of  Mosque. Every Muslim must visit one time in this place. It also colled Holly Mosque, Haram Mosque. It was built in 638AD. It is Modarnazied in the 20th century. It was built by Abraham. There was a "black Stone " all Muslims are Believed that it was given angel Gabriel to Abraham. All Muslims of the world, they are praying in the direction of Mecca. One of the greatest monuments in the world.

2. The Taj Mahal 

Taj Mahal is the monuments of love in India. The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for memories of his wife Mumtaz. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. It is one of the members of the World 7 wonders list. In India, most of the Foreigners are come to visit this place. The Taj Mahal Agra India generally viewed as a standout amongst the most beautiful romantic place in India. Yamana river is passing beside it. It was built in 1632. Marble stones are used to build this most beautiful monument in the world. The Taj Mahal Agra India was made by 22000 labours, artists. after making of taj mahal finger of all labours are cut, because Shah Jhan did not want that foundation like this didn't make more. Taj mahal's colour is mainly milky white but it changes the different time of the day. Its height is 73meter. It is the most romantic place, most of the visitors are couples.

3. The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is one of the oldest and largest pyramids of Egypt. The Pyramid was made for the last resting-place of Egypt's Old Kingdom era. It was constructed  4,500 years ago.
Another name of it 'the Pyramid of Khufu'. It is a member of the world 7 wonders. The Giza complex consists of three large pyramids. It covers the 62.5615 sq mi area and height is 139m. It was made up of casing stone. Interior structure of the  Pyramid is
there are Queen chamber, Grand gallery, The big void, King's chamber modern entrance built. There also have three pyramids for kings wife. It is one of the world-famous landmarks of Egypt.

4. The Eiffel Tower

The location of the Eiffel tower is Champa da Mars, Paris, France.
It is built-on 1889 by 'Eiffel company 'founded by a civil engineer Gustave Eiffel.the height of the Eiffel tower is 320 m.
It is made by Iron and steel. Million of people go to Paris for visiting Eiffel tower. It was a famous monument in the world. The structure of id design by two civil engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. Over 50 tons of paints are used to protect it from rust. One of the interesting facts is it was made for temporary for the world fair, held at Paris in 1889. At first, decided to build it in Spain but it was rejected. On summer the height of the Eiffel tower is growing 15cm. The Eiffel tower was married in 2007. When it was built the people of Paris are hated it and protest to stop building it but now it is the most-visited paid tourist attraction in the world. In Eiffel tower, there are used 20000 bulbs to lighting at night. If you take a photo of it, and upload it in a Social Network at night its become crime.

5. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the icon of China. It shows the culture and creativity of china. It is the part of the UNESCO heritage site of the world, and also part of world 7 wonders. It was built in the 7th and 8th century. For protecting China from enemies, on the north side of China, the Great Wall of China is built. The average height of the great wall of china is 6 to 7 meter. The total length of the Wall 21196.18km.The age of the Wall is more than 2500 years. In the Wall, there was a tower for survival in every 500 m. It was built using sand, stone, soil, brick. 25% of the wall is broken due to natural erosion. The Wall is shown from space.

6. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the iconic monuments of the united state of America which located on Liberty Island of USA. Its original name is “Liberty Enlightening the World. It is constructed in France and sent to the USA in crates as a gift from France. The official dedication on 28 October 1886. The height of the statue of ground level to the torch is 305 feet. The Torch of the statue is covered with gold. One broken chain is lying from the feet of the statue which means freedom and democracy. In the statue the right hand with a torch and another left hand with a book, In the cover of the book there is written the date
 'JULY IV MDCCLXXVI '(July 4, 1776).Every year 5million people visit the statue. It is the famous monuments around the world.

7. The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace in Lhasa is a Famous landmark around the world and the symbol of Tibet. Songtsen Gampo Established Potala Palace. The age of it 370 years old. Once upon a time, it was the residence of the Dalai Lama. Now it is a museum and UNESCO Heritage Site of world. This palace has over 1,000 rooms and covers over 13 hectares. The stone walls measure 3 meters thick on average. In the palace, there were two parts The White Palace and the Red Palace. In the white palace, there are the residents of Dalai Lama, office and assambelly halls, and the Red Palace is the Prayer hall of Dalai Lama. There are some facts about Potala Palace which are also interesting.
  • The wall of the Palace is painted with milk.
  • The rule in Lhasa that there not allow any bildings higher than the palace.
  • There are only 2300 people are allowed to visit it.

8. The Parthenon, Greece

Parthenon is the one type of temple in Greece which was made by architects Ictinus and Callicrates, which is famous for his structure. People are visiting this place as good tourism and old monuments of the world. In 447BC it was built. This is an example of the Doric style structure. The height of it 45 feet, and its area is 23028sq feet. In the structure, there was 46 outer pillar and 23 inner pilers. This iconic place was designed by Phidias. Inside the Parthenon temple, there is a statue of the Greek goddess Athena. The structure 50% was damaged in 1687. The first photo was taken in 1839.

9. The Sydney opera house

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, is one of the most famous men made monuments of 20th-century buildings.this is one type of art centre which is officially open on 20 October 1973.
This is opened by the second Queen  Elizabeth.The cost of making this structure $102 million. More than 10 million people visit this structure. The design of this great masterpiece architecture was given by Jørn Utzon from Denmark. The full story is in 1956 held competition for the design of Sydney opera house, and he is the winner. The first person who performed in the Sydney opera house was Paul Robeson.

10. The Colosseum

Colosseum is an icon of old Rome empire. Now it is in Italy. It was built by Titus and Domitian in 70 AD.Stone and cocreate were used to build it. Its amphitheatre structure. This is a type of stadium which had 80 entrances and 50000 people to sit. There had been played many games man vs man, man vs animal. The design of the structure was designed to control the crowds of people watching games and controlling wild animals. The first game was played in 80BC, which runs 100 days. There were mainly used wild animals like lion, wild buffalo. People's are visiting this site as a world heritage site. The sixty percentage of Colosseum is destroyed.

Conclusion :

In above we discuss the unknown facts about the best monuments around the world. Which show the most beautiful things around the world.  

Top 50 World,s Biggest, Longest, Highest things

Top 50 World,s Biggest, Longest, Highest things

Today we live in this environment, we don't know many things about this environment. Some of the things are man-made and some of Natural. Also, some things are Extinct from the earth. Some of Things are not live today.

1.The World biggest Country In the world - Russia.

2. Biggest City By population In the world -Tokyo, Japan.

3. Largest populated Country In the world -China.

4. Largest Bank In the world -ICBC (Industrial & Commercial  Bank Of China).

5. Biggest  Desert  In the world - Sahara

6. Biggest Lakev In the world - (by surface area) The Salty Caspian sea, United State and Canada border.

7. Deepest Lake In the world -Lake Baikal, Russia.

8. Largest Ocean In the world -Pacific Ocean.

9. Biggest Continent In the world -Asia.

10. Largest National Park In the world -Northeast Greenland National Park.

11. Largest Island In the world -Greenland.

12. Largest Zoological Zoo In the world -Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

13. Longest River In the world -Nile, Egypt.

14. Largest Volcano In the world -Mauna Loa.

15. Highest Mountain In the world -Mount Everest.

16. Longest Mountain Chain In the world -Andes.

17. Largest Water Fall In the world -Victoria Falls.

18. Deepest Natural Trench In the world -Mariana Trench.

19. Longest Highway In the world -Pan American Highway.

20. Longest Rail Track In the world -The Trans-Siberian Railway.

21. Longest Bridge/Rail Bridge In the world -Danyang-Kunshan Bridge, China.

22. Longest Cantilever bridge In the world -Pont De Quebec, Canada.

23. Longest Cave In the world -Mammoth Cave.

24. Longest Metro Subway In the world -Seoul Subway, South Korea.

25. Longest Building In the world -Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates.

26. Biggest Cricket Ground In the world -Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia.

27. Biggest Football Ground In the world -Rungnado 1st May Day Stadium, North Korea.

28. Biggest Mall In the world -Dubai Mall.

29. Longest River Dam In the world -Hirakud Dam, Orisa, India.

30. Longest Tree In the world -The Sequoia tree.

31. Biggest Statue In the world -Statue of Unity, India.

32. Biggest Animals On Land In the world -Amphicoelia (100-200 million years ago).

33. Biggest Fruit In the world -Jackfruit.

34. Biggest Flower In the world -Rafflesia.

35. Largest Animal On Earth In the world -Blue whale.

36. Largest Sea Bird In the world -Albatross.

37. Largest Tree by occupied area In the world -The Great Banyan, Howrah, India.

38. Biggest Temple In the world -Angkor Vat, Cambodia.

39. Largest Church In the world -Basilica of St Peter, Italy.

40. Biggest Libary In the world -Libray Of Congress, Washington Dc.

41. Longest Railway platform In the world -Gorakhpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh, India.

42. Largest Iceberg In the world -B-15 Iceberg( 295 Km long 37 Km wide).

43. Largest Book In the world -Kuthodaw Pagoda.

44. Largest Ship In the world -Symphony f the seas.

45. Biggest Machine In the world -The Bagger 288 Excavator.

46. Largest Plane In the world -Stratolaunch.

47. Largest Telescope In the world -Arecibo Observatory.

48. Biggest Truck In the world -Belaz 75710.

49. Largest Machine Gun In the world -The Gustav Gun, 150 feet long.

50. Longest English Word In the world -pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

14 Unknown Facts Of Taj Mahal Agra India

14 Unknown Facts Of Taj Mahal Agra India

 The Taj Mahal Agra India is built by Shah Jahan for memories of his wife Mumtaz. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. It is one of the members of the World 7 wonders list. In India, most of the Foreigners are come to visit this place. The Taj Mahal Agra India generally viewed as a standout amongst the most beautiful romantic place in India.Here we write about the unknown interesting facts of The Taj Mahal Agra India.


 Shah Jahan is an Indian king, he reigned 1628 to 1658. He built up the Taj Mahal Agra India
for memories of his third wife Arjumand Banu Begum known as Mumtaz Mahal. Their association endured 19 years and prompted the introduction of 14 kids. Difficulties amid the introduction of the last kid prompted Mahal's awkward going at 39 years old. Shah Jahan was so stricken by the loss of his long-term friend that he chose to memorialize Mahal with an awesome tomb. Development on the Mahal and its surroundings started in 1632, one year after her demise, and proceeded for a little more than two decades. 


Yamuna river is passed beside the Taj Mahal Agra India. Colour of Taj Mahal is Changed in different time of day. Pink at morning, Milky White at evening Golden at night and Illuminated at Moonlight.


Per Muslim law, graves can't be enhanced with expanding the design, which would be an unseemly articulation of vanity. This standard clarifies the similarly dreary plan of the lower dimension of the castle where Shah Jahan let his significant other go.

The position of the Taj Mahal's four minarets—the 130-foot-tall towers at the edge of the stage—was not a stylish decision but rather a vital one. In the seventeenth century, it was not really phenomenal for gigantic structural dares to succumb to their very own weight. So as to ensure the sepulcher of Mumtaz Mahal, boss modeler Ustad Ahmad Lahauri tilted the towers marginally with the goal that they would fall far from the remainder of the Taj Mahal, keeping the grave from causing any harms.


The hight of Taj Mahal Is 73m, which is as like as Qutub Minar.

The passing years have just elevated stresses over the landmark's auxiliary trustworthiness. In the twentieth century, surveyors started to notice indications of basic rot that began with the neighboring Yamuna River's steady drying. Researchers have even seen that between the 1980s and today, one of the minarets has experienced a one-and-a-half-inch move. Increasingly outrageous appraisals of the circumstance anticipate that the Taj Mahal Agra India will crumble altogether by 2016, however, the Architectural Survey of India has expelled such projections and guaranteed that the notable structure will be secure for years to come.


The Taj Mahal Agra India was made by 22000 labors, artists. after making of taj mahal finger of all labors are cut, because Shah Jhan did not want that foundation like this didn't make more.


The total cost of the built Taj Mahal is 32 Milion Rupees.


The structure Materials, Stones are used to build Taj Mahal collected from north Asia. These were transporting by helping of 1000 of elements to Agra.


Contemporary Muslim culture affected the Taj Mahal's strikingly plentiful unique greenhouse, which included both rich foliage and in excess of 60 expound flowerbeds. This finishing held up until India turned out to be a piece of the British domain and frontier forces bestowed their very own plant belief systems onto the royal residence yard. Under English control in the late nineteenth century, the Taj Mahal's greenery received a subtler character increasingly normal to British greenhouses.


The Taj Mahal Agra India is status as an Indian symbol has made India Proud and one of most visit wonders. During World War II and the gathered wars pursued among India and Pakistan all through the twentieth century, the Indian government tried to hide the Taj Mahal. To this end, engineers included a broad framework that covered the structure from airborne planes. At the point when the stratagem was working, rather than seeing one of the miracles of the world, pilots would perceive what resembled a heap of bamboo.


A 1665 voyage to the Indian territory of Uttar Pradesh left French pilgrim Jean-Baptiste Tavernier with accounts of a vivid experience with Shah Jahan only one year before the ruler's demise. Tavernier's alleged discussion offered to ascend to the legend that Shah Jahan had surrendered plans to assemble a second royal residence over the Yamuna River. This sepulcher was as far as anyone knows intended to house the grave to Shah Jahan himself, and was imagined as a dark supplement to the Taj Mahal's white façade.


While whether Shah Jahan ever truly planned to fabricate the dark Taj Mahal remains an open inquiry, most researchers concur that he was in fact in charge of the first. Not every person is ready for this end, however. Among the central spoilers are essayist P.N. Oak and humanist Amarnath Mishra. In 2000, the Supreme Court of India dismissed Oak's proposition to give acknowledgment for the Taj Mahal's development to the twelfth-century Hindu ruler Raja Parmar Dev, whom he guessed built up the structure as a Shiva sanctuary called Tejo Mahalaya. Five years after Oak's fizzled undertaking, Mishra moved toward the Allahabad High Court to bring a comparable point up for the sake of the since quite a while ago perished ruler. Mishra's development was comparatively ineffective. Be that as it may, prior this year, the area court of Agra permitted another claim asserting this, so it appears as if this hypothesis isn't leaving at any point in the near future.


As a centuries-old sepulcher with both social and religious essentialness, the Taj Mahal has pulled in somewhat of extraordinary notoriety. Among the more mainstream legends is one that includes spurts of water surging forward because of hitting a cutting of the royal residence situated in the riverside forecourt. All the more explicitly, the fantasy incites guests to strike the picture at the outline of the final—the cross-like structure at the exceptionally top of the Taj Mahal. Fantastical for what it's worth, maintenance people discover reliable proof, as shallow harm to the cutting, that guests hammer their knuckles against the divider.

Top 100 Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Top 100 common job interview questions and Answers

Dear friends, This post is about Common Job Interview Questions which are mainly asked in the most interview like marketing job, Engineering jobs in a mock test or walk-in interview, and some of the Govt jobs.

1) Why did you select bookkeeping as your calling?

Indeed, I was very great at bookkeeping all through, however in my lords, when I got a refinement, I chose to embrace this field as a calling.

2) Do you have any expert involvement in this field?

Truly, I have filled in as a bookkeeper at two better places.

3) Did you use bookkeeping applications at your past organizations or incline toward working physically??

Truly, I have utilized Advanced Business Solutions and AME Accounting Software in my past occupations.

4) Can you name some other bookkeeping application?

Truly, I know about CGram Software, Financial Force, Microsoft Accounting Professional, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Small Business Financials.

5) Which bookkeeping application you incline toward most and why?

I think all are great however, yet Microsoft Accounting Professional is best since it offers dependable and quick preparing of bookkeeping exchanges that spares time and expands capability. It assists with monetary investigation too.

common job interview questions

6) What is the truncation for the bookkeeping terms charge and credit?

The charge truncation is "dr" and credit shortened form is "cr".

7) what number of kinds of business exchanges are there in bookkeeping?

There are two kinds of exchanges in bookkeeping, for example, income and capital.

8) What is the monetary record?

It is an explanation that expresses every one of the liabilities and resources of the organization at one point.

common job interview questions

9) Have you at any point caught wind of TDS, what it is?

Indeed, TDS shortens Tax Deduction at Source.

10) In the accounting report, where do you show TDS?

It is appeared on the benefits area, directly after the head current resource.

11) Do you have any thought regarding GST?

GST represents Goods and Service Tax. It's a circuitous duty other than the annual expense. Its charges on the estimation of the administration or item sold to a client. The client/customers pay the GST, and the merchant stores the GST with the legislature. A few nations have deals, administration charge with works pretty much equivalent to GST.

12) Do you think there is any distinction between inert and lethargic records?

Indeed, both are various terms in bookkeeping. Dormant records imply that accounts have been shut and won't be utilized later on also. While torpid records are those that are not practical today but rather might be utilized later on.

13) What is count bookkeeping?

It is the product utilized for bookkeeping in independent venture and shops for overseeing routine bookkeeping exchanges.
14) How would you be able to characterize departmental bookkeeping?

It is a sort of bookkeeping wherein a different record is made for offices. It is overseen independently just as appeared to be decided sheet.

15) Define imaginary resources?

These are the benefits that can't be appeared or contact. Invented resources must be felt, for example, generosity, rights, and so forth.

16) By saying, never-ending or intermittent stock framework; I don't get our meaning?

In the first, for example, the never-ending stock framework, the records are balanced consistently. In the occasional stock framework, the records are balanced intermittently.

17) In bookkeeping, how would you characterize the premises?

Premises allude to fixed resources that are appeared to be a determined sheet.

18) In bookkeeping, VAT condenses what?

Tank implies Value Added Tax.

19) Do you have any learning about bookkeeping guidelines?

Indeed, according to as far as anyone is concerned there are all out 33 bookkeeping norms distributed so far by ICAI. The motivation behind these guidelines is to actualize similar strategies and practices in any nation.

20) What is ICAI?

It is the shortened form of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in India.

Common Job Interview Questions

21) How would you be able to clarify the essential bookkeeping condition?

We realize that bookkeeping is about resources, liabilities, and capital. In this way, the bookkeeping condition is:

Resources = Liabilities + Owners Equity.

22) Define Executive bookkeeping?

It is a kind of bookkeeping that is explicitly intended for the business that offers administrations to clients.

23) Define Public bookkeeping?

Open bookkeeping offers reviews and CPAs to survey organization monetary records to guarantee responsibility. It is for the overall population.

24) What is a CPA?

CPA represents a Certified Public Accountant. To turn into a CPA, one ought to need to do numerous different capabilities also. It is a capability with a 150-hour necessity. It implies that one should finish 150 credit hours at a licensed college.

25) What do you believe is a bank compromise articulation?

A compromise proclamation is readied when the passbook balance varies from the money book balance.

26) Differentiate Public and Private Accounting?

Open bookkeeping is a kind of bookkeeping that is finished by one organization for another organization. Private bookkeeping is accomplished for your own organization.

27) What is venture usage?

Task execution includes six stages altogether, for example,
  1. Distinguish Need
  2. Produce and Screen Ideas
  3. Direct Feasible Study
  4. Build up the Project
  5. Execute the Project
  6. Control the Project

28) Do you think Accounting Standards are compulsory and why?

Indeed, I do trust that bookkeeping gauges assume a significant job to plan great quality and exact money related reports. It guarantees dependability and importance in fiscal summaries.

29) Can you name various parts of bookkeeping?

There are three parts of bookkeeping, viz, "Budgetary Accounting," "The executives Accounting" and "Cost Accounting."

30) Differentiate Accounting and Auditing?

Bookkeeping is tied in with chronicle day by day business exercises while examining is the watching whether every one of these occasions has been noted down effectively or not.

Common Job Interview Questions

31) Define double angle term in bookkeeping?

As the name infers, the double perspective idea expresses that each exchange has different sides. For instance, when you purchase something, you give the money and get the thing. So also, when you sell something, you lose the thing and gets the cash. So this getting and losing are essentially two parts of each exchange.

32) What do we mean by buy return in bookkeeping?

It is the term presented in the records for each imperfect or unsuitable great returned back to its provider.

33) Define the term material realities in bookkeeping?

Material actualities are the bills or any report that turns into the base of each record book. It implies that each one of those records, on which account book is readied, are called material realities.

34) Have you at any point made MIS reports and what are they?

Truly, I have arranged a couple of MIS reports amid my past occupations. MIS reports are made to distinguish the effectiveness of any division of an organization.

35) Define an organization's payable cycle?

It is the time required by the organization to pay all its record payables.

36) Define retail banking?

It is a sort of banking that includes a retail customer. These customers are typically individuals and no authoritative clients.

37) How much science information is vital or required in bookkeeping?

Not much learning but the rather essential scientific foundation is required in representing tasks like expansion, subtraction, duplication, and division.

38) Define bills receivable?

A wide range of trade bills, bonds and different securities claimed by a trader that is payable to him are said as bills receivable.

39) Define deterioration and its sorts?

By deterioration, we imply that the estimation of an advantage is diminishing all things considered being used. It has two sorts, for example, "Straight Line Method" and "Recorded Value Method."

40) Differentiate among agent and recipient?

Consigner is the proprietor of the merchandise, or you can say he is the individual who conveys the products to the proctor. The agent is the individual who gets the products.

Common Job Interview Questions

41) Define adjusting in bookkeeping?

Adjusting intends to compare the two sides of the T-account, for example, the charge and credit sides of a T-account must be equivalent/adjusted.

42) How many insights learning is vital or required in bookkeeping?

You should be awesome at insights on the off chance that you need to do well in bookkeeping. Something else, with least information, you can't deal with your everyday exchanges successfully in bookkeeping.

43) Define Scrap an incentive in bookkeeping?

It is the leftover estimation of a benefit. The leftover esteem is the esteem that any benefit holds after its evaluated lifetime.

44) What is Marginal Cost?

Assume you need to deliver an extra unit of yield. The evaluated expense of extra contributions to create that yield is really the peripheral expense.

45) Define Partitioning in bookkeeping?

It is a sort of gatherings made based on similar reactions by a framework.

46) Differentiate among arrangement and hold?

Arrangements are the liabilities or the foreseen things, for example, deterioration. You can say arrangements are costs. Stores are the benefits of any organization, and a piece of that benefit is put back to the business to keep it economical in extreme occasions of an organization.

47) Define Offset bookkeeping?

Counterbalance bookkeeping is one that diminishes the net measure of another record to make a net equalization.

48) Define overhead as far as bookkeeping?

It is the circuitous consumption of an organization, for example, compensations, lease contribution,
and so on.

49) Define exchange bills?

We realize that a wide range of exchanges should be recorded. The exchange bills are the reports, created against every exchange.

Common Job Interview Questions

50) Define reasonable esteem bookkeeping?

According to reasonable esteem bookkeeping, an organization needs to demonstrate the estimation of the majority of its advantages as far as a cost on the monetary record on which that benefit can be sold.

51) What is compound diary passage?

A compound diary passage is much the same as other bookkeeping section where there is more than one charge, more than one credit, or more than one of the two charges and credits. It is basically a blend of a few basic diary passages.

52) What are the bookkeeping occasions that are much of the time engaged with compound passages?

The bookkeeping occasions that are much of the time engaged with compound passages are;
Record various details in a provider receipt that address to various costs
Record all bank conclusions related to a bank compromise
Record all reasoning and instalments identified with a finance
Record the record receivable and deals charges identified with a client receipt

53) Mention the kinds of records engaged with twofold section accounting?

Twofold passage accounting includes five sorts of records,
  1. Pay accounts
  2. Business ledgers
  3. Resource accounts
  4. Obligation accounts
  5. Capital records

54) Mention what are the standards for charge and credit for various records to expand the sum in your business accounts?

The guidelines for charge and credit for various records,
for a capital record, your credit to expand it and charge to diminish it
for a benefit account, you charge to expand it and credit to diminish it
for an obligation account, your credit to expand it and charge to diminish it
for a business ledger, you charge to build it, and credit to diminish it
for a salary account, your credit to build it and charge to diminish it

55) List out the Stages of Double Entry System?
Recording of exchanges in the diary
Posting of a diary section into the individual record records and after that set up a preliminary equalization
Getting ready last records and shutting of books of records

56) What is the impediment of twofold section framework?
The impediment of twofold section framework,
On the off chance that there are any compensatory mistakes, it is hard to discover by this framework
This framework needs increasingly administrative work.
It is hard to discover the mistakes if the blunders are in the exchanges recorded in the books
It isn't desirable over reveal all the data of an exchange, which isn't appropriately recorded in the diary

57) What is General record account?

The General record account is a record where the organization records all the data for its different costs and pay types into discrete records. With the end goal that every one of the charges and attributes relating to that specific kind of exchange can be entered in one spot and kept adjusted.

58) What is the general order of records that normally record account include?

  1. The general characterization of records that typically record account includes are
  2. Resources Cash, Accounts Receivable
  3. Liabilities-Accounts Payable, Loans Payable
  4. Investors' value Common Stock
  5. Working incomes Revenues through Sales
  6. Working costs Rent Expense, Salaries Expense
  7. Non-working incomes and additions Investment Income, gain on Disposal of Equipment
  8. Non-working incomes and misfortunes Interest Expense, Loss on Disposal of Equipment

59) Mention what are things won't be incorporated into a bank compromise explanation?

  1. In a bank compromise articulation, the accompanying thing can be rejected.
  2. Direct instalments made by the bank not entered in Cashbook
  3. Checks saved however not cleared
  4. Checks shamed not recorded in the real money book
  5. Wrong charges are given by the bank
  6. Bank Charges or Interest charged by the bank
  7. Banks direct instalment not entered in Cashbook.

60) Under the accumulation premise of bookkeeping, when incomes are accounted for in the bookkeeping time frame?
Whenever administration or merchandise have been conveyed, at that point incomes are accounted for in the bookkeeping time frame.

Common Job Interview Questions

61) Under what kind of record do the unmerited incomes fall?
The unmerited incomes fall under "Risk" account.
62) Mention whether the record "Money" will be credited or charged when an organization pays a bill?

The record "Money" will be credited when an organization pays a bill.

63) What are the resources fewer liabilities?
Resources less liabilities is equivalent to proprietors' value or investors value.

64) Entries to incomes records, for example, Service Revenues are for the most part?

Passages to incomes records, for example, Service Revenues generally goes into credit side.

65) What is the contrast between aggregated deterioration and devaluation cost?

The contrast between aggregated deterioration and devaluation cost is that

Gathered deterioration: It is the aggregate sum of devaluation that has been taken on an organization's advantages up to the date of the monetary record

Deterioration cost: It is the measure of devaluation that is accounted for on the salary proclamation. Essentially, the sum compares just to the timeframe showed in the heading of the salary proclamation.

66) List out a portion of the models for risk accounts?

A portion of the instances of risk accounts

  1. Records Payable
  2. Accumulated Expenses
  3. Momentary Loans Payable
  4. Unmerited or Deferred Revenues
  5. Portion Loans Payable
  6. Current Portion of Long-term Debt
  7. Home loan Loans Payable

67) Explain how you can modify passages into the record?

To modify passages into the record, you can sort sections into five classifications. 

Gathered costs: Expenses have been brought about yet the merchant's solicitations are not created or prepared yet

Accumulated incomes: Revenues have been earned yet the business solicitations are not created or prepared yet

Conceded incomes: Money was gotten ahead of time of having been paid or earned

Conceded costs: Money was paid for a future cost

Deterioration cost: An advantage obtained in one period must be dispensed to cost in every one of the bookkeeping times of the benefit's helpful life

68) Explain what a conceded resource is and give a precedent?

A conceded resource alludes to a conceded charge or a conceded charge. A case of a conceded charge is bond issue costs. These expenses include the majority of the charges or charges that an association acquires so as to enlist and issue bonds. These charges are paid in a close time when the bonds are issued however it won't be expensed around then.

69) Mention what is Bank Reconciliation?

A bank compromise is a procedure done by an organization to guarantee that the organization's records (check register, monetary record, a general record account, and so on.) are right and that the bank's records are likewise right.

70) What is "store in travel"?

A store in travel is a check or money that have been gotten and recorded by a substance, however which have not yet been entered in the records of the bank where the assets are saved.

Common Job Interview Questions

71) What is an over gathering?

An over gathering is where the gauge for a collection diary passage is excessively high. This gauge may apply to the accumulation of cost or income.

72) What is the record of sale?

A momentary sum due from purchasers to a vendor, who have acquired merchandise or administrations from the dealer using a loan is alluded to as record receivable.

73) What are the exercises that are incorporated into the Cash Flow Statement?

The income explanation exhibit the money produced and utilized amid the year or months. Different exercises that are included for the Cash Flow are

Working exercises – business exercises bookkeeping to money

Contributing exercises – deal and buy of hardware or property

Budgetary exercises buy of stock and possess bonds

Supplemental data trade of critical things that don't include money

74) What happens to the organization's "Money Account" on the off chance that it obtains cash from the bank by marking a note payable?

Because of the twofold section, the "money account" will increment in that capacity the risk account increments.

75) Which account is in charge of intrigue payable?

The record which is dependable or influenced by the intrigue payable is "Current risk account"

76) What is switching diary sections?

Switching diary sections are passages made toward the start of a bookkeeping period to counterbalance the modifying diary sections made toward the finish of the past bookkeeping time frame.

77) Where do by and large collections show up on the asset report?

Collected costs typically will, in general, be the amazingly present moment. So you would record them inside the "current liabilities area" of the accounting report.

78) List out a portion of the collection costs and the records in which you would record them?

Compensation collection is entered with a good representative for the "compensation payable record"

Intrigue gathering is entered with a good representative for the "intrigue payable record"

Finance charge collection is entered with a good representative for the "finance charges payable record"

79) Deferred tax collection is a piece of which value?

Conceded tax collection is a piece of the proprietor's value.

80) Mention what does the venture of individual resources by the proprietor will do?

The speculation of individual resources by the proprietor will build absolute resources and increment proprietor's value.

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81) What is the condition for Acid-Test Ratio in bookkeeping?

The condition for Acid-Test Ratio in bookkeeping

Analysis Ratio = (Current resources – Inventory)/Current Liabilities

82) List out things that fall under elusive resource?

Things that fall under elusive resource are,
  1. Licenses
  2. Copyrights
  3. Trademarks
  4. Brand names
  5. Space names, etc.

83) What is a preliminary parity in bookkeeping?

In bookkeeping, the preliminary equalization is a bookkeeping report that rundowns the parties in every one of an association's general record accounts. This is done toward the finish of the presenting diary section on a guarantee that there are no posting blunders.

84) Where a money markdown ought to be recorded in a diary section?

A money markdown ought to be recorded in a diary section as a decrease of cost "in real money account."

85) Mention why some advantage accounts have a credit balance?

Some benefit accounts have credit funds receivable to the accompanying reasons,
Accepting and posting a sum that was higher than the recorded receivable
Costs happened quicker than the settled upon prepayments
A blunder brought about by presenting a sum on a wrong record
The measure of checks composed surpassed the positive sum in the Cash account
Proceeding to amortize or devalue a benefit after its equalization has achieved zero

86) What does Bad obligation cost?

A Bad obligation cost is the measure of a record receivable that is considered to NOT be collectable.

87) What is a Master Account?

A Master Account has backup accounts. An ace record receivable could be anything, it could be debt claim for different individual receivable records.

88) In which account does the unprecedented check will get recorded?

The unprecedented check will get recorded as a sound representative for the money account in the organization's General record.

89) What information should budgetary bookkeeper have?

  1. An affirmed money related bookkeeper ought to know about
  2. Bookkeeping/Bookkeeping standards and practices
  3. Revealing and investigation of money related information
  4. Evaluating practices and standards
  5. Record the executives
  6. Spending plans
  7. Programming information managing Accounting
  8. Information on important laws, codes, and guidelines
  9. Great delicate abilities
  10. Being a cooperative person
  11. Capacity to adapt rapidly and up the ability
  12. Essential Technical abilities

90) What are the three factors that can influence your income and business productivity?

The three factors that can influence your income and business benefit incorporates

Money streams from contributing exercises: It incorporates shares, securities, physical property, hardware, and so forth.

Money streams from working exercises: It does exclude money got from different sources like speculations

Income from financing exercises: It incorporates any exercises that include profit instalments that the organization made to its investors, any cash that incorporates stock to general society, any cash acquired from the loan specialist, and so on as such, it is a report that enlightens the firm regarding 
the cash obtained and paid out so as to back its exercises.

Common Job Interview Questions

91) Explain what is accumulation bookkeeping?

Gathering Accounting is a technique for estimating the presentation and position of the organization by recognizing monetary occasions paying little heed to when the money exchange occurred. In this strategy, income is contrasted and the consumptions, at the time where the exchange happens instead of when the instalment is made.

92) Explain the term creditor liability?

Record payable is alluded to as the sum the organization owes to its providers, its workers, and its accomplices. As it were, it is the fundamental expense imposed on the organization to maintain a business procedure that is remarkable. Record payable for one organization might be money due for another firm or organization.

93) Explain the importance of long haul notes payable is or long haul liabilities?

Long haul notes payable or liabilities have alluded for that advance that should due for over a year. These are the credits from banks or money related organization that are verified against different resources on the monetary record, for example, inventories.

94) What is the contrast between devaluation and amortization?

Capital costs are either devalued or amortized dependent on the sort of benefit.

Devalue intends to lose the estimation of an advantage because of its utilization, mileage, obsolete, and so forth.

The deterioration cost is determined as far as substantial resources like furnishings, plant and apparatus, building, and so forth.

The motivation behind figuring devaluation costs recuperation

The most effortless approach to figure deterioration is to know the loss of estimation of a benefit over its life.

For instance, a vehicle worth $30,000 has assessed the lifetime of 10 years after that it will have no incentive in the market. The expense or misfortune in incentive all through these 10 years is known as deterioration

A different strategy for devaluation incorporates straight-line deterioration, declining balance
technique, bunch devaluation strategy, unit of time/creation deterioration technique, and so on.

Amortize intends to discount or pay the obligation over some stretch of time. Amortization can be for credits, or it very well may be for Intangible resources

Amortization cost is determined as far as immaterial resources like generosity, trademark, advances, licenses, and so forth.

The reason for ascertaining amortization is likewise for cost recuperation

Amortization ascertains the sum spent after the impalpable resources for the duration of the life for that benefit

For instance, Pharmaceutical Company burned through $20 million dollars on a medication patent with a valuable existence of 20 years. The amortization esteem for that organization will be $1 million every year

Different strategy for amortization is negative amortization, zoning amortization, business amortization, and so forth.

95) What does the budget report of the organization incorporate?

  1. Fiscal summary of the organization incorporates different data like
  2. Monetary record ( Assets, liabilities, and value)
  3. Pay proclamation ( Profit or Loss articulation)
  4. Value explanation
  5. Income proclamation

96) What is working capital?

Working capital is a money related metric that computes the assets accessible to the organization to fund its everyday activities. It is commonly determined by deducting current liabilities from current resources.

97) Explain what is a record?

A record can be alluded to as a bookkeeping book that keeps the record of diary sections in sequential request to singular records. The way toward chronicle this diary section is known as posting.

98) Mention the sorts of records?

There are three sorts of record
  1. General record
  2. Account holders record
  3. Loan bosses record

99) Explain what is GAAP?

GAAP implies Generally Accepted Accounting Principle; it is a structure of bookkeeping, benchmarks, strategies and guidelines controlled by the expert bookkeeping industry and drilled by traded on an open market U.S organizations everywhere throughout the U.S.A.

100) Explain what is twofold passage bookkeeping? Clarify with a precedent?

Twofold passage bookkeeping is a bookkeeping framework that requires recording business exchange or occasion in any event two records. It is a similar idea of bookkeeping, where each charge record ought to be coordinated with a credit account.

For instance, if an organization takes credit from a bank, it gets money as an advantage and yet, it makes a risk on an organization. This single passage will influence the two records, the advantage accounts, and the liabilities accounts, such section is alluded to as twofold passage bookkeeping.

101) Explain what does the standard diary passage incorporates?

A standard diary passage incorporates, date of the business exchange, name of the records influenced, sums to be charged or credited and a concise depiction of the occasion.

102) Explain what is liabilities and what all does incorporate into current liabilities?

Risk can be characterized as a commitment towards another organization or gathering. It might comprise of conveying merchandise, rendering administrations or paying cash. They are something contrary to resources, and it might incorporate
  1. Record payable 
  2. Intrigue and profit payable 
  3. Bonds payable 
  4. Buyer stores 
  5. Stores for government charges 
  6. Transient credits 

Frequently Asked New Gk Questions and Answers for Various Competitive Examination

Frequently Asked New Gk Questions and Answers for Various Competitive Exam 

Dear Friends, nowadays new gk questions and answers are the main part of any competitive examination like Govt job examination, school scholarship examination, entrance exam. So we update these new gk questions and answers to improve your gk skills. We collect it from different examination question papers.

new gk questions and answers part: 1

1. The delegate of the crown came to be called as 'emissary' rather than 'representative general' from the period ........?

Answer: 1858

2. The 'Vernacular Press Act' was passed in India amid the period of...........

Answer:-Lord Lytton

3. Master Curzon turned into the emissary of India after..........

Answer: Loed Elgin - II

4. The non-collaboration development was acknowledged by the Congress party in its........... session.

Answer: Nagpur

5. The stream is known as 'Distress of Bihar' is ...........

Answer: Kosi

6. The man named as 'Father of Indian archaic exploration' is............

Answer: Alexander Cunningham

7. The mountain runs in the eastern piece of India shaping its limit with Myanmar are all in all called as?

Answer: Purvachal

8. Which one of the accompanying lakes is a salt water lake?

Answer: Sambhar

9. The primary populace evaluation was taken in India in the year?


10. The nation which has higher normal populace thickness than India is ..............?

Answer: Bangladesh

11. In which area of Kerala, Edakkal is arranged?

Answer: Wayanad

12. The privileges of minorities to set up and manage instructive organizations in ensured in the?

Answer: Article 30

13. The announcement "Interminable Vigilance is the Price of freedom" signifies:

Answer: People ought to be aware of their rights

14. The advantages of a dead man without a beneficiary or will embraced by the state is called?

Answer: Escheats

15. The Principle of Rule of Law suggests?

Answer: All ought to be treated as equivalents

16. Who among the accompanying defined 'Individuals' Plan'?

Answer: M.N.Roy

17. Which of coming up next isn't set up by the constitution of India?

Answer: Planning Commission

18. Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation appeared in?

Answer: 1969

19. Legal Review Power of the Supreme Court identifies with?

Answer: Constitutional Validity of law

20. The base age required to be qualified to challenge the Presidential decision in India is?

Answer: 35 Years