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Important Present day Indian History questions

Important Present day Indian History questions 

Indian History between 1800 to 1950 are asked in most of Government exam, there we have set most asked questions. These questions help to grow your  Skill in history for Various exam and most important in the present day on Indian History.

1. Who Established Tattvabodhini Sabha and When?

Ans. Debendranath Tagore on 1839.

2. Who Established Radha Swami Satsanga And When?

Ans. Tulsi Ram on 1861.

3. Who was the founder of Ramkrishna Mission?

Ans. Swami Vivekanand on 1897 near Kolkata at Balur.

4. Who is the First President Of Indian National Congress?

Ans. Womesh Chandra Banerji.

5. When and Where The Indian national song 'Vande Mataram' was sung the first time?

Ans. In 1896 at Kolkata.

6. When the Battle of Plassey was Held?

Ans. 23June,1757 between British East India Company and Nawab of Bengal.

7.  When Razia Sultan Ruled India?

Ans. 1236 to 1240.

8. Allauddin Khalji Ruled India When?

Ans. 1296 to 1316.

9. Kakori train Robbery held?

Ans. August 1925.

10. Chittagong armoury raid Held?

Ans. April 1930.

11. Who is the father of the Nation of India?

Ans. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

12. The Salt March was led by whom and when?

Ans.  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Ghandiji) on 12 March to 6 April, 1930.

13. Khalifat Movement Is known as?

Ans. Indian Muslim Movement.

14. Which City is known For Jhanda Satyagraha?

Ans. Nagpur.

15. Where and When Second Round table Conference was held?

Ans. London From 1930 to 1932.

16. Which Sultan is known as Naib-I-Khudai?

Ans. Balbon.

17. Who Is the founder of the Mughal Empire?

Ans. Babor.

18. Bhagat Singh was died on?

Ans. 23 March 1931, Lahore central jail, Lahore.

19. Who is the first President of Independent India?

Ans. Rajendra Prasad,26 January 1950.

20. When  'Alexander the Great'  came to visit India?

Ans. 325 BC.

21.Pataliputra new name in modern India?

Ans. Patna, capital of Bihar.

22. Who written 'Barnaparichay' and when published it?

Ans. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar on 1855.

23. Hazarduari Palace is known as?

Ans. Bara Kothi.

24. Partition of Bengal was announced on?

Ans. 1905,19 July.

25. Who Creat Azad Hind Fauj?

Ans. Subhas Chandra Bose.

Conclusion :

We select only 25 questions which are most common, simple. These type of question are asking in MCQ style in Interview or examnation.

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