Basic List of General Knowledge Questions for Interview and Exam

This is the basic list of general knowledge questions that are most commonly asked in an interview. We set up 90 questions for an interview.

1) A tree's age can be found by?

A) including the number of yearly rings

B) tallying the number of branches

C) estimating its stature

D) estimating its size

2) (1) Cherrapunji is situated on the south side of Garo slopes, (2) Cherrapunji is around 1700 m above mean ocean level. Which of the announcements given above is/are right?

A) 1 as it were

B) 2 as it were

C) Both 1 and 2

D) Neither 1 nor 2

3) Idukki Dam in Kerala is worked crosswise over which waterway?

A) Kaveri

B) Pamba

C) Godavari

D) Periyar

4) In 1206, who established the Slave Dynasty, in India?

A) Iltutmish

B) Razia Sultan

C) Qutubuddin Aibak

D) Balban

5) An inflatable loaded up with helium ascends in the air because?

A) Air applies an upward power on the inflatable

B) The inflatable is weightless

C) Helium is less thick than air

D) Helium pushes down broadcasting live beneath the inflatable

6) regarding territory, which is the littlest landmass?

A) South America

B) Asia

C) Australia

D) Europe

7) In the Parliament of India Upper House is known as?

A) Council of States

B) Rajya Sabha

C) Lok Sabha

D) Parliament

8) The perception that 'Supply makes its very own interest' is famously called?

A) Say's Law

B) Graham's Law

C) Murphy's Law

D) Newton's Law

9) 'Uhuru Peak' at Mount Kilimanjaro is the most noteworthy purpose of which mainland?

A) Antarctica

B) Africa

C) America

D) North Australia

10) Under what conditions can a portion of the Fundamental Rights be suspended?

A) When a decree of National Emergency is in task

B) On the requests of a Court

C) During a money-related crisis

D) When the President's standard is forced

11) What was the principal target of the Green Revolution in India?

A) To build the degree of money crop development

B) To expand the territory of green backwoods under social ranger service plot

C) Modernization of horticulture through science and innovation

D) To present the Japanese technique for paddy development

12) Which is right? I. The President will not be individual from either House of Parliament, II. The Parliament will comprise of the President and two Houses.

A) Both I and II

B) Neither I nor II

C) Only I

D) Only II

13) Which of coming up next is the best channel of power?

A) Cold water

B) Saline water

C) Distilled water

D) Warm water

14) Who of the accompanying established the Ahmedabad Textile work Association?

A) Mahatma Gandhi

B) J. B. Kripalani

C) N. M. Joshi

D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

list of general knowledge questions

15)Acute lead harming is otherwise called?

A) Plumbism

B) Neuralgia

C) Itai-Itai

D) Byssinosis

16) __________ was the ex-officio director of Planning Commission and National Development Council.

A) Prime Minister

B) President

C) Finance Minister

D) Commerce Minister

17) __________ frames the western limit of the Indian sub-mainland.

A) Aravalli

B) Pirpanjal

C) Karakoram

D) Hindukush

18) ____________ Harbor is secured by a rough headland called Dolphin's Nose.

A) Visakhapatnam

B) Paradeep

C) Kolkata

D) Cochin

19) 70% of working populace of India is occupied with:

A) open segment

B) essential segment

C) optional part

D) tertiary segment

20) 82 and 1/2 degree E longitude is topographically noteworthy to India because

A) It decides the Indian standard time

B) It has a direction on the tropical atmosphere of India

C) It partitions India into the eastern and western zone

D) It empowers deciding neighborhood time in eastern India

21) 93rd Constitution Amendment Bill looks for?

A) to make armed force administration compulsory

B) to allow statehood to Uttaranchal

C) to make rudimentary instruction necessary

D) None of these.

22)In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler vanquished Alexander's general Seleucus Nicator and gotten the domains of Kabul and Balochistan?

A) Bindusara

B) Chandragupta Maurya

C) Ashoka

D) Pulkeshin II

23) A bill for modification of limits of States will not be presented in the Parliament without the proposal?

A) The President

B) the Supreme Court

C) the governing bodies of the States concerned

D) the managing officers of the two places of parliament

24) A bill in each House is liable to?

A) one perusing

B) two readings

C) three readings

D) four readings

25) A body has a mass of 6 kg on the Earth

A) when estimated on the Moon, its mass would be?

B) under 6 kg

C) 6 kg

D) under 1 kg

list of general knowledge questions

26) A body is charged contrarily. It infers that?

A) it has obtained a few electrons from outside

B) it has lost a portion of its electrons

C) it has lost a portion of its protons

D) None of these

27) A concoction response that happens with the development of warmth is known as an/an:

A) Reversible response

B) Endothermic response

C) Thermal response

D) Exothermic response

list of general knowledge questions

28) Chronometer measures:

A) Sound waves

B) Time

C) Water waves

D) Colour differentiate

29) A nearby jug containing water at room temperature is taken to the Moon and then the top is opened. The water will?

A) solidify

B) bubble

C) disintegrate into oxygen and hydrogen

D) not change by any means

30) A shut economy is an economy wherein:

A) the cash supply is completely controlled

B) deficiency financing happens

C) just fares occur

D) neither fares nor imports occur

31) A compound utilized in prescription as a torment executioner is

A) Urotropine

B) Chloroform

C) Aspirin

D) Ethyl liquor

32) A nation is said to be in an obligation trap if:

A) it needs to keep the conditionalities forced by the International Monetary Fund

B) it needs to acquire to make intrigue installments on extraordinary advances

C) it has been denied advances or help by banks abroad

D) the World Bank charges an extremely high rate of enthusiasm on extraordinary just as new advances

33) A staggering Cloud Burst cleared over Leh in August 2010. Which one of the accompanying articulations as to Cloud Burst isn't right?

A) Cloud Burst is a limited climate wonder speaking to very focused precipitation over a little

B) Cloud Burst happens just in bumpy zones

C) Cloud Burst happens because of upward development of moisture-laden air with adequate velocity to shape cumu

D) There is no palatable strategy till now for foreseeing Cloud Burst

34) A twofold arched air rise in water would act as a:

A) Convergent focal point

B) Divergent focal point

C) Both as joined and unique focal points

D) None of these

35) A government structure of India was first advanced by the?

A) Act of 1909

B) Act of 1919

C) Act of 1935

D) Act of 1947

36) A government framework?

A) unquestionable requirement have a composed costitution.

B) must have an unwritten constitution.

C) might not have any constitution.

D) may have either composed or unwritten constitution

37) A skilled researcher who was chosen to the esteemed ICS, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose later established his own ideological group to proceed with his battle for the full and quick autonomy of India from British principle. Pick the name of this gathering.

A) All India Forward Bloc

B) Swaraj Party

C) Indian National Congress

D) Gadar Party

38) A great technique for giving work to rustic work and using it completely is through?

A) Rural enterprises

B) Agriculture

C) Public works programs

D) Cattle raising

list of general knowledge questions

39) A legislature is a government or unitary based on relations between the:

A) three organs of government

B) Center and States

C) The legislature and the Executive

D) Constitution and the States

40) A sled in the hands of a housewife is a _________ decent.

A) capital

B) free

C) middle person

D) buyer

41) A high rate of swelling will in general decline equalization of installments because:

A) costs of imported products rise

B) costs of sent out products rise making sends out less aggressive

C) costs of imported products fall and henceforth more is imported

D) costs of traded merchandise fall and subsequently less sum is acquired as far as outside trade

42) A light beam making a trip from denser to rarer medium at an edge of occurrence more than the basic point of concerned media pair endures

A) refraction

B) diffraction

C) all out the inner reflection

D) reflection

43) A blend of water and liquor can be isolated by:

A) Filtration

B) Evaporation

C) Distillation

D) Decantation

44) A blend of iron filings and sand can be isolated by:

A) Heating

B) Sublimation

C) Hand picking

D) Magnetic Separation

45) A great deal of insights about the town organization under the Cholas is given in the engravings at?

A) Uttaramerur

B) Kanchipuram

C) Thanjavur

D) Uraiyur

46) A Money Bill gone by the Lok Sabha is regarded to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha additionally when no move is made by the Rajya Sabha inside

A) 10 days

B) 14 days

C) 20 days

D) 30 days

47) A Money Bill gone by the Lok Sabha is regarded to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha additionally when no move is made by the Upper House inside?

A) 10 days

B) 12 days

C) 14 days

D) 16 days

list of general knowledge questions

48) A non-performing resource is

A) Money at call and short notice

B) Cash offset with the bank

C) Cash offset with the RBI

D) An advantage that stops to create pay

49) An individual can turn into a native of India regardless of whether brought into the world outside India if his/her:

A) father is a resident of India

B) mother is a resident of India

C) father is a resident of India at the season of the individual's introduction to the world

D) father or mother is a resident of India at the season of the individual's introduction to the world

50) An individual can move the Supreme Court by fitting procedures for the requirement of the Fundamental Rights whenever damaged.' This is an arrangement in

A) Right to Equality

B) Right to Constitutional Remedies

C) Right against Exploitation

D) Right to Religious Freedom

51) An individual coming back from abroad can hold outside cash up to what period?

A) 60 days

B) 30 days

C) 90 days

D) 180 days

52) A plant with compound leaves

A) Papaya

B) Coconut Palm

C) Peepal

D) Hibiscus

53) An announcement of crisis issued under Article 352 must be affirmed by the Parliament inside:

A) multi-month

B) a month and a half

C) 2 months

D) 3 months

54) A genuine gas can go about as a perfect gas in

A) high weight and low temperature

B) low weight and high temperature

C) high weight and high temperature

D) low weight and low temperature

55) An area of powerless breezes is called?

A) Chilka

B) Doldrum

C) Tornado

D) Hurricane

56) Goals for reprimanding the President can be moved after at any rate fourteen days see marked by :

A) at the very least 50 individuals from the House

B) at the very least 33% of the absolute number of individuals from the House

C) at the very least one-fourth of the absolute number of individuals from the House

D) in any event 100 individuals from Lok Sabha and 50 individuals from Rajya Sabha

list of general knowledge questions

57) Goals for the denial of a decree of National Emergency might be moved by:

A) ten individuals from Rajya Sabha

B) ten individuals from Lok Sabha

C) ten individuals from Parliament

D) one-tenth of absolute enrollment of Lok Sabha

58) A crack valley is framed for the most part due to:

A) powers of pressure in the world's outside

B) the subsidence of the floor of a stream valley

C) the valley framed after the development of crease mountains

D) the extending of a valley by ice activity

59) A moving arrangement was an arrangement for:

A) one year

B) three years

C) five years

D) four years

60) A Scheduled Bank is one which is incorporated into the:

A) II Schedule of Banking Regulation Act

B) II Schedule of Constitution

C) II Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act

D) None of these

61) A strong can't change its shape effectively contrasted with fluid as a result of

A) higher thickness of strong

B) more grounded intermolecular power in strong

C) bigger intermolecualr seperation in strong

D) greater sub-atomic size of strong

list of general knowledge questions

62) An answer of zinc chloride can't be put away in a vessel made of?

A) Lead

B) Gold

C) Aluminum

D) Silver

63) An enduring increment in the general dimension of costs because of unreasonable increment in total interest when contrasted with total supply is named as :

A) request pull swelling

B) cost-push swelling

C) stagflation

D) auxiliary expansion

64) A substance which changes promptly into vapor without warming is called:

A) Efflorescent

B) Synthetic

C) Volatile

D) Effervescent

65) A super conductor is portrayed by:

A) Zero penetrability

B) Low penetrability

C) High penetrability

D) Infinite penetrability

66) Quick development in costs wherein cash loses its incentive to the point where much deal might be best is known as:

A) expansion

B) hyper-expansion

C) collapse

D) disinflation

67) A lady who leases her belly to create a tyke for others is known as

A) Biological mother

B) Stepmother

C) Surrogate mother

D) Foster mother

68) Acetic corrosive on decarboxylation gives

A) Methane

B) Ethane

C) Propane

D) Butane

69) According to Article 1 of the Constitution of India,

A) India that is Bharat, will be a Federation of States

B) India will be the Federal Republic

C) India, that is Bharat, will be a Union of State

D) India, that is Bharat, will be a Unitary State

list of general knowledge questions

70) According to Article 23, coming up next are precluded:

A) traffic in people, beggary, subjection and reinforced work

B) restraining infrastructure of exchange

C) closeout of incenses

D) visit fear-based oppressor contaminated regions

71) According to Dalton's nuclear hypothesis the littlest molecule which can exist autonomously is:

A) A particle

B) An atom

C) A cation

D) An anion

72) According to Preamble, a definitive power lies in the hands of?

A) People

B) Constitution

C) President

D) Parliament

73) According to the unique hypothesis of relativity the mass of a molecule

A) increments with increment in speed concerning an eyewitness

B) diminishes with increment in speed

C) diminishes with lessening in speed

D) is autonomous of its speed

74) According to the law of interest, when Price?

A) Decreases, request diminishes

B) Decreases, the request does not change

C) Increases, request diminishes

D) Increases, request increments

75) According to the most generally acknowledged view, the Aryans initially originated from

A) India

B) Central Asia

C) Central Europe

D) Steppes of Russia

list of general knowledge questions

76) Absolute Poverty implies:

A) neediness as far as the outright number of individuals

B) neediness as far as the fundamental least calorie prerequisites

C) neediness as far as the common value level

D) destitution as far as unquestionably the dimension of joblessness

77) Acid downpour is caused because of the contamination of climate by?

A) Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur

B) Oxides of nitrogen and phosphorous

C) Oxides of carbon and nitrogen

D) None of these

78) Acts of State done for the sake of the President of India are required to be countersigned by method for verification by:

An) a Minister

B) the Prime Minister

C) the Speaker

D) a Secretary to the Government

79) Ad Valorem implies:

A) as per esteem

B) as per weight

C) as per estimate

D) as indicated by ad costs

80) Aerated water contains

A) SO2

B) NO2

C) H2

D) CO2

81) Air is said to be immersed when

A) it contains the most extreme substance of water vapor

B) its weight is least

C) its thickness is most extreme

D) it blows over the fruitless land

82) After the statement of money related crisis by the President, what is the time of activity without endorsement by the Parliament?

A) One Month

B) Two Months

C) Three Months

D) Four Months

83)After endorsement by the two Houses of Parliament, the declaration of crisis issued by the President will be substantial:

A) for the time of a half year

B) for an inconclusive period except if renounced by the resulting announcement

C) for an uncertain period if the two Houses of Parliament favors the declaration after each six month

D) for further time of two months as it were

84) After material, the second biggest industry in India is?

A) Jute

B) Sugar

C) Cement

D) None of the abovementioned

85) After the Kalinga War, Ashoka chose never to wage any war because?

A) After the victory of Kalinga, the political solidarity of Mauryan India had been accomplished

B) Ashoka felt sorry about the decimation of men and material on the two sides in the war.

C) He was moved by the brutality, butcher, and sufferings to the soldiers and non-warriors in the w

D) Shortly after the war, he embraced Buddhism which was against viciousness

86) After the parcel of India, the biggest number of Harappan towns and settlements have been found in:

A) Punjab

B) Haryana

C) Gujarat

D) Uttar Pradesh

87) The age of fossil might be discovered by deciding the proportion of two isotopes of carbon. The isotopes are?

A) C-12 and C-14

B) C-12 and C-13

C) C-13 and C-14

D) C-12 and carbon dark

list of general knowledge questions

88) AIDS is brought about by?

A) Water

B) Bacteria

C) Virus

D) Fungus

89) Air is an/an:

A) Compound

B) Element

C) Mixture

D) Electrolyte

90)  After Quit India Movement, C. Rajagopalachari issued a leaflet entitled - The Way Out. Which one of coming up next was a proposition in this handout?

A) Reconstitution of the Central Executive Council so that every one of its individuals, except for the Gover

B) An answer for the sacred halt.

C) Fresh decisions to the Central and Provincial Legislatures to be held toward the finish of 1945 and the Con

D) The foundation of a War Advisory Council made out of delegates of British India and the In

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