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Frequently Asked New Gk Questions and Answers for Various Competitive Examination

Frequently Asked New Gk Questions and Answers for Various Competitive Exam 

Dear Friends, nowadays new gk questions and answers are the main part of any competitive examination like Govt job examination, school scholarship examination, entrance exam. So we update these new gk questions and answers to improve your gk skills. We collect it from different examination question papers.

New gk questions and answers part: 1

1. The delegate of the crown came to be called as 'emissary' rather than 'representative general' from the period ........?

Answer: 1858

2. The 'Vernacular Press Act' was passed in India amid the period of...........

Answer:-Lord Lytton

3. Master Curzon turned into the emissary of India after..........

Answer: Loed Elgin - II

4. The non-collaboration development was acknowledged by the Congress party in its........... session.

Answer: Nagpur

5. The stream is known as 'Distress of Bihar' is ...........

Answer: Kosi

6. The man named as 'Father of Indian archaic exploration' is............

Answer: Alexander Cunningham

7. The mountain runs in the eastern piece of India shaping its limit with Myanmar are all in all called as?

Answer: Purvachal

8. Which one of the accompanying lakes is a saltwater lake?

Answer: Sambhar

9. The primary populace evaluation was taken in India in the year?


10. The nation which has higher normal populace thickness than India is ..............?

Answer: Bangladesh

11. In which area of Kerala, Edakkal is arranged?

Answer: Wayanad

12. The privileges of minorities to set up and manage instructive organizations in ensured in the?

Answer: Article 30

13. The announcement "Interminable Vigilance is the Price of freedom" signifies:

Answer: People ought to be aware of their rights

14. The advantages of a dead man without a beneficiary or will embraced by the state is called?

Answer: Escheats

15. The Principle of Rule of Law suggests?

Answer: All ought to be treated as equivalents

16. Who among the accompanying defined 'Individuals' Plan'?

Answer: M.N.Roy

17. Which of coming up next isn't set up by the constitution of India?

Answer: Planning Commission

18. Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation appeared in?

Answer: 1969

19. Legal Review Power of the Supreme Court identifies with?

Answer: Constitutional Validity of law

20. The base age required to be qualified to challenge the Presidential decision in India is?

Answer: 35 Years

New gk questions and answers part: 2

21. The National Human Rights Commission was set up in?

Answer: 1993

22. "Optical Phenomenon" in the periphery example of CD is:

Answer: Interference

23. The Weakest power among the accompanying?

Answer: Gravitational

24. Trade Particle in Quark-Quark Interaction?

Answer: Gluon

25. Uncommon Theory of Relatively was proposed in?

Answer: 1905

26. IRANIAN is?

Answer: 57.3

27. For fluids, both the Coefficient of Viscosity and Surface Tension?

Answer: Decreases with increment in temperature

28. Division of volume of ice seen outside when drenched in water?


29. Celsius and Fahrenheit demonstrate a similar temperature at?

Answer: 40

30. ____ happens when the wellspring of light methodology a spectator?

Answer: Blue Shift

31. Which shading demonstrates Highest Temperature?

Answer: Dull Red

32. The nation that pronounced the year 2013 as the National Year of Rice?

Answer: Philippines

33. The administrator of the joint parliamentary council on the 2G trick?

Answer: P.C.Chacko

34. The first Aadhaar number holder Ranjana Sadasiv Sonawne has a place with?

Answer: Maharastra

35. The legless land and water proficient announced from Meghalaya by a Malayalee Scientist?

Answer: Chikilidae

36. Arogyakeralam grant founded by the Government of Kerala is given to?

Answer: Local Bodies

37. The chief of the film Celluloid?

Answer: Kamal

38. India's 100th fruitful space mission was on?

Answer: ninth September 2012

39. Name the primary private individual of India who was given 'Z' security spread by the Union Government?

Answer: Mukesh Ambani

40. 'Saraswati Samman' 2012 was granted to writer Sugathakumari for her work?

Answer: Manalezhuthu

New gk questions and answers part: 3

41. Olympics 2012 held in London was the?

Answer: 30th

42. When did Buddha live?

Answer: 560-480 BC

43. Where was Buddha conceived?

Answer: Lumbini/Kapilavastu (Nepal)

44. Where did Buddha pass on?

Answer: Kushinagar

45. Buddha has a place with which family?

Answer: Sakya/Shakya

46. What was the Buddha's unique name?

Answer: Siddhartha Gautama

47. Guardians of Gautama Buddha?

Ruler Suddodhana and Queen Maha Maya

48. Buddha was hitched to?

Answer: Yasodhara

49. Who was Buddha's child?

Answer: Rahula

50. What was the name of Buddha's steed?


51. Buddhacarita was composed by?

Answer: Asvaghosa

52. What Mauryan ruler was the first to receive Buddhism?

Answer: Ashoka

53. Who spread Buddhism in Korea?

Answer: Wonhyo Daisa

54. Buddha accomplished edification under_____ ?

Answer: pipal tree in Bodh Gaya, India

55. The world's biggest solid statue Buddha is in?

Answer: Bamiyan

56. How old was Buddha when he accomplished edification?

Answer: 35

57. Who requested that Buddha share his kingdom?

Answer: Bimbisara

58. Where did Buddha accomplish edification?

Answer: Bodh Gaya

59. Where did Buddha have first trains?

Answer: Sarnath

60. Who gave the Jetavana religious community to Buddha?

Answer: Anathapindada

61. How long did the Buddha lecture?

Answer: 45
62. Buddha implies?

Answer: stirred one/edified one

Four Noble Truths

1. The world is loaded with distresses.
2. Want is the underlying driver of distress.
3. In the event that Desire is vanquished, all distresses can be evacuated.
4. following the eight-overlay way.

Three Ratnas

Conclusion :

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