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Top 10 Famous Monuments Around The World

Top 10 Famous Monuments Around The World

The world has many monuments which are some manmade and some of natural. Here we discuss 10 famous monuments around the world, some are beautiful, some shows the unique structure. The places are also a big tourist spot and a Mosque. Read this and know the unknown facts about this monuments.

1. Great Mosque of Mecca, Al-Masjid al-Ḥarm

It is one of the most popular mosques in the world. It locates at Mecca, Hejaz, Saudi Arabia. It is the holiest place in Islam. It is the most sacred spot on earth is a black-draped, square shrine called the Kaaba, which stands in the central courtyard of  Mosque. Every Muslim must visit one time in this place. It also colled Holly Mosque, Haram Mosque. It was built in 638AD. It is Modarnazied in the 20th century. It was built by Abraham. There was a "black Stone " all Muslims are Believed that it was given angel Gabriel to Abraham. All Muslims of the world, they are praying in the direction of Mecca. One of the greatest monuments in the world.

2. The Taj Mahal 

Taj Mahal is the monuments of love in India. The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for memories of his wife Mumtaz. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love. It is one of the members of the World 7 wonders list. In India, most of the Foreigners are come to visit this place. The Taj Mahal Agra India generally viewed as a standout amongst the most beautiful romantic place in India. Yamana river is passing beside it. It was built in 1632. Marble stones are used to build this most beautiful monument in the world. The Taj Mahal Agra India was made by 22000 labours, artists. after making of taj mahal finger of all labours are cut, because Shah Jhan did not want that foundation like this didn't make more. Taj mahal's colour is mainly milky white but it changes the different time of the day. Its height is 73meter. It is the most romantic place, most of the visitors are couples.

3. The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza is one of the oldest and largest pyramids of Egypt. The Pyramid was made for the last resting-place of Egypt's Old Kingdom era. It was constructed  4,500 years ago.
Another name of it 'the Pyramid of Khufu'. It is a member of the world 7 wonders. The Giza complex consists of three large pyramids. It covers the 62.5615 sq mi area and height is 139m. It was made up of casing stone. Interior structure of the  Pyramid is
there are Queen chamber, Grand gallery, The big void, King's chamber modern entrance built. There also have three pyramids for kings wife. It is one of the world-famous landmarks of Egypt.

4. The Eiffel Tower

The location of the Eiffel tower is Champa da Mars, Paris, France.
It is built-on 1889 by 'Eiffel company 'founded by a civil engineer Gustave Eiffel.the height of the Eiffel tower is 320 m.
It is made by Iron and steel. Million of people go to Paris for visiting Eiffel tower. It was a famous monument in the world. The structure of id design by two civil engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. Over 50 tons of paints are used to protect it from rust. One of the interesting facts is it was made for temporary for the world fair, held at Paris in 1889. At first, decided to build it in Spain but it was rejected. On summer the height of the Eiffel tower is growing 15cm. The Eiffel tower was married in 2007. When it was built the people of Paris are hated it and protest to stop building it but now it is the most-visited paid tourist attraction in the world. In Eiffel tower, there are used 20000 bulbs to lighting at night. If you take a photo of it, and upload it in a Social Network at night its become crime.

5. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the icon of China. It shows the culture and creativity of china. It is the part of the UNESCO heritage site of the world, and also part of world 7 wonders. It was built in the 7th and 8th century. For protecting China from enemies, on the north side of China, the Great Wall of China is built. The average height of the great wall of china is 6 to 7 meter. The total length of the Wall 21196.18km.The age of the Wall is more than 2500 years. In the Wall, there was a tower for survival in every 500 m. It was built using sand, stone, soil, brick. 25% of the wall is broken due to natural erosion. The Wall is shown from space.

6. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the iconic monuments of the united state of America which located on Liberty Island of USA. Its original name is “Liberty Enlightening the World. It is constructed in France and sent to the USA in crates as a gift from France. The official dedication on 28 October 1886. The height of the statue of ground level to the torch is 305 feet. The Torch of the statue is covered with gold. One broken chain is lying from the feet of the statue which means freedom and democracy. In the statue the right hand with a torch and another left hand with a book, In the cover of the book there is written the date
 'JULY IV MDCCLXXVI '(July 4, 1776).Every year 5million people visit the statue. It is the famous monuments around the world.

7. The Potala Palace

The Potala Palace in Lhasa is a Famous landmark around the world and the symbol of Tibet. Songtsen Gampo Established Potala Palace. The age of it 370 years old. Once upon a time, it was the residence of the Dalai Lama. Now it is a museum and UNESCO Heritage Site of world. This palace has over 1,000 rooms and covers over 13 hectares. The stone walls measure 3 meters thick on average. In the palace, there were two parts The White Palace and the Red Palace. In the white palace, there are the residents of Dalai Lama, office and assambelly halls, and the Red Palace is the Prayer hall of Dalai Lama. There are some facts about Potala Palace which are also interesting.
  • The wall of the Palace is painted with milk.
  • The rule in Lhasa that there not allow any bildings higher than the palace.
  • There are only 2300 people are allowed to visit it.

8. The Parthenon, Greece

Parthenon is the one type of temple in Greece which was made by architects Ictinus and Callicrates, which is famous for his structure. People are visiting this place as good tourism and old monuments of the world. In 447BC it was built. This is an example of the Doric style structure. The height of it 45 feet, and its area is 23028sq feet. In the structure, there was 46 outer pillar and 23 inner pilers. This iconic place was designed by Phidias. Inside the Parthenon temple, there is a statue of the Greek goddess Athena. The structure 50% was damaged in 1687. The first photo was taken in 1839.

9. The Sydney opera house

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, is one of the most famous men made monuments of 20th-century buildings.this is one type of art centre which is officially open on 20 October 1973.
This is opened by the second Queen  Elizabeth.The cost of making this structure $102 million. More than 10 million people visit this structure. The design of this great masterpiece architecture was given by Jørn Utzon from Denmark. The full story is in 1956 held competition for the design of Sydney opera house, and he is the winner. The first person who performed in the Sydney opera house was Paul Robeson.

10. The Colosseum

Colosseum is an icon of old Rome empire. Now it is in Italy. It was built by Titus and Domitian in 70 AD.Stone and cocreate were used to build it. Its amphitheatre structure. This is a type of stadium which had 80 entrances and 50000 people to sit. There had been played many games man vs man, man vs animal. The design of the structure was designed to control the crowds of people watching games and controlling wild animals. The first game was played in 80BC, which runs 100 days. There were mainly used wild animals like lion, wild buffalo. People's are visiting this site as a world heritage site. The sixty percentage of Colosseum is destroyed.

Conclusion :

In above we discuss the unknown facts about the best monuments around the world. Which show the most beautiful things around the world.  

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